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Power levels are Rising!

Hello World.

This post marks the very first post for my websites' blog! Of course, I plan to make more over time, but first I need to iron out many things in regards to the site, as well as filling out a few more spaces.

At the time of writing, this is still a wixsite domain, but when I feel confidant enough about the page being truly ready, i'll have a classy domain to go with this!

For the blog, I intend to use this to promote Voice Over/Voice Acting works that I'm participating in, Audiobook releases, Interesting techniques that I'd like to share with my readers and, finally, I'd like to get into reviewing Audiobooks that I've been listening to.

The function of the last one, Audiobook Reviews, is to provide useful feedback to my fellow Narrators and the authors of the respecting books. I will be giving my personal feedback on delivery, pacing, tone and my overall enjoyment. Ultimately, I will be giving a rating system of 'Would I recommend This Audiobook?'.

The recommendation isn't moreso a metric for taking a jab on Authors or Narrators. I plan to use it to really show what Audiobooks that I like and dislike. I want to build a catalog of Audiobook reviews that shows my readers what I find enjoyable.

At the end of the day, the site is still just a site. It's my resume for the world showing that Matt Raftis is a force to be reckoned with. I don't plan on making many posts in a short time-span, so to potential newsletter subscribers, you don't have to fear about seeing my name in your inbox too often. I want my posts to really count for something.

Take care everyone. Right now I have a short-story zombie Audiobook in the works. I hope to have it released to all of you very soon!


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