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Voice Acting

I've been involved with a wide range of voice related work. From Youtube Animations, Video Games and even Radio Play Podcasts. I always bring my unique voice, positive attitude and professional skills to the table.
Let's bring your characters to life!

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Featured Voice Acting Roles


Squall Lionheart

Final Fantasy VIII: In A Nutshell - Animation

From Final Fantasy VIII, Squall is a very annoyed Lone Wolf character who also happens to have an extremely sexy scar.


At the time of September 2020, this YouTube Video has amassed over 950k views and is well on its way of becoming Rabtoons' first ever 'Million Views Club' video.

Squall makes a variety of appearances throughout Rabtoons' videos. He can be found in the following:

Microphone Sound Editing

"The Narrator"

Radioverse - Audio Drama Podcast

Radioverse is an audio drama podcast series that revolves around self-contained short stories. The series as a whole is a love letter to The Twilight Zone, Ray Bradbury and Dimension X. It aims to spook its listeners with its horror stories.

The Narrator is by far the most important role since its job is to set the stage. To date, since the beginning of podcast, I have Narrated every episode.

Radioverse is available to download on iTunes, Sticher and Spotify


Connor McCoy

Hearts Medicine - Doctors Oath - Official Fandub

I was personally handpicked for the job by the very talented Yenni Ann to bring this loveable character to life! Connor is the smooth talking, dog loving and fun-loving comedic relief character.

Season 1 currently (October 2019) has well over 11,000 views and is officially recognized by the publisher, Gamehouse, as THE Offical Dub for the mobile phone game.

Season 2 and Season 3 has also been released and can be found on the Vibrantly Cool Productions Youtube page.

Hearts Medicine - Doctors Oath is available to download on iOS and Android

Voice Acting List: Portfolio



  • Audio Engineering

    • Audacity​

    • Adobe Audacity

    • Studio One 4

  • Video Editing​

    • Adobe After Effects

    • Sony Vegas​


Casting Call Club:

Private Voice Coaching with Deb Munro





  • Loblaws

    • "Loblaws Best Methods" Employee Training Video

      • Body Actor & Narrator​

    • "PC Children's Charity" Video for In-House Use

      • Body Actor​

  • Rabtoons

    • Video Proofer, Script Contributor & Voice Actor

Voice Acting List: List

** A full list of works that I have contributed to can be found on my Casting Call Club Profile **

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